Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why I should have married a Welshman

Today Wales plays England in the penultimate game of this year's Six Nations rugby tournament. Every year it's a stressful game in our household what with Husband being English but this year, well, there is just too much riding on it.

England have won their first four games meaning a win today would not only give them the championship but a Grand Slam as well. Unless Wales wins.

After taking the Grand Slam in 2012 Wales had a really bad run, losing form and games, but after losing to Ireland in the first game this year we've regrouped and won three away games. Meaning if we win by 7 points or more then we not only prevent England taking the Grand Slam, we win the championship.

Okay, let's face facts. England has a strong young team; Wales has experience. I think we can win; I'm not sure about the margin. But taking the championship is less important than winning the game and beating England - or any other team. But especially England.

So today I will be practising deep breathing and being magnanimous in victory - or defeat.

P.S. I never went out with a Welshman.


CalumCarr said...

"I never went out with a Welshman."


Liz said...

I don't know. it just happened that way.

Leslie: said...

My grandmother was Welsh and my grandfather was English...what am I, then? Maybe I should go Welsh since Lorne is half Welsh, too. Good luck - anyone!!! lol

Liz said...

We did it!!! And in style. Not just by 7 but by 27!!!! Awesome.

Ole Phat Stu said...

I was at the Last Night of the Proms - as is my wont - when Bryn Terfil was the guest singer. As usual they did Rule Britannia. And Bryn Terfil - with an impish grin on his face - sang the third verse in Welsh !!!

You should have seen us all, rapidly consulting our scores, afraid that WE had forgotten the words or something embarrassing like that ;-)

BTW: one of the outdoor venues that year was Swansea, so maybe you heard him too??? :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I still have not worked out what the problem is , between the Welsh and the English .. ... but then the English cannot be that bad Liz , you married one .. and just read that you never went out with a Welshman .. that is odd. .. I wonder where you met your husband.?

Anonymous said...

Were you afraid that a Welshman might have confessed "I love ewe" ;-)

Liz said...

Must have been great, stu.

He was working in Swansea, anne.

No sheep jokes, please!