Thursday, March 21, 2013


As House is with vicodin so are we with House

For the last few years House has been our standby alternative when there's nothing on the television. It started as a West Wing replacement but is there now in its own right. As each series ended we'd wait anxiously, showing all the typical signs of withdrawal, until the new season's dvd was not only released in the UK but had been out long enough to become available second-hand on ebay (because Husband is meaner less desperate than I).

And now ... now we have only two episodes left! The final two episodes EVER! And I have to say I am not liking the way they seem to be going.

Do we spread it out over two nights? Or watch both together? Or never watch them?

When West Wing finished it was a natural progression. Once the focus shifted from the West Wing to the Presidential campaign it lost something; it was still good but not as it was so the end was, if not welcome, then acceptable. With House there isn't a natural stopping place. He can't stop being a brilliant diagnostic doctor; it's what he is. So will they kill him off? Send him back to jail? To the mental asylum? What will precipitate that? 

And what will I do without my fix of gorgeous grumpy man? 


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

You confused me at the start Liz, I have no idea what you are talking about LOL LOL ..

Betty said...

Maybe it will eventually appear on Netflix, and you can watch several episodes at a time, from the first season to the end.

Leslie: said...

I think it's amusing that you buy American DVDs to watch while we buy the British ones! We've just finished the second set of Trial and Retribution - very gritty as opposed to the American TV series, in our humble opinion. We're going to get the other Lynda LaPlante series about DCI Anna Travis next! WE've read all the books and want to see the series.

Lorna said...

I can't decide whether I like House or not. The stories are well written and always intense —— but I dislike House's attitude, his lack of manners, his absence of respect.

I stopped watching the show a long time ago.


Liz said...

House, a television series starring hugh laurie, anne.

We have all the dvds, betty and no doubt will watch again from the start at some time.

I'm not keen on Lynda La Plante, leslie. A bit too gritty for me!

He is appalling and sometimes you wonder how he gets away with it, lorna.

Rose said...

I've watched "House," but never really got into it. But "West Wing"--that was one of my favorites! I've recently started watching "Downton Abbey" and can't wait to finish Season 1 tonight so I can get the next DVD for Season 2.

Liz said...

I watched season 1 of Downton Abbey on dvd when I was ill once, rose. I enjoyed it but not enough to bother watching season 2!