Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feeling guilty

I haven't bought grapes for about 18 months, ever since I started going to slimming classes and found out how calories they contain. When I used to buy them it was three bags at a time and I could eat one bag in an evening without blinking. As I find it impossible to have grapes in the house without pigging out on them I don't buy grapes.

But yesterday I was wandering the fruit aisle in a well-known supermarket (I'm not going to say which; you'll see why) when I spotted some delicious-looking red seedless grapes. Now when I was going to buy them I used to taste one to make sure they were up to quality - I would excuse this act of theft by saying to myself that I would buy enough to justify a sample. 

Well, yesterday I was overcome by temptation ... and I stole a grape! And I wasn't even planning on buying any.

Oh the guilt. I am sorely tempted to go in and confess but I fear I might be laughed out of the shop. Or arrested.


Leslie: said...

Oh dear Liz...twenty lashes with a wet noodle! If you were Catholic, you'd have to see a priest to confess, but this will do. :D

nick said...

Disgraceful. Stealing a whole grape. The supermarket's profits will be slashed by .0000007 per cent. How could you?

I hope the totally delicious taste of the grape at least made up for the guilt.

Liz said...

It was yummy, nick.