Friday, March 15, 2013

Beyond me

From a Facebook advert:
1 lucky lady will win a handbag worth £950 courtesy of Mulberry.

Tell me please, how can a handbag be worth £950? Even with my purse, mobile phone, camera and Zovirax in it mine is worth less than half that. (Even though a titchy tube of Zovirax costs a fortune.)

On a slightly different note, I am hardly disturbed at all by my novel rejection. Is this a good or bad thing? Does it mean I don't have belief in my writing or have I, sensibly, just given up hope?

The latter I suspect.


nick said...

At prices like that, it can't be long before handbags cease to be everyday accessories and become investments. No doubt in ten years' time, a Mulberry bag will be sold at Sothebys for £2 million.

A shame about the rejection. But don't give up, keep on trying....

Leslie: said...

I refuse to spend more than around $20.00 Cdn on a ends up on the floor in public WCs and is just needed to store the wallet, cellphone, lipstick, and keys. If I were to win something like that, I'd sell it for the money and spend it on a trip to Wales! LOL

Liz said...

I browse through fashion mags in the hairdressers and fall off my seat at the prices for clothes too, nick.

Precisely, leslie.

katney said...

My purse is made from recycled blue jeans.

You have not found just the right publisher for the book yet--that's what it means.

Furtheron said...

Been meaning to comment on here about the book rejection.

Why not do it yourself again? I know that maybe a cost rather than earner for you but if the people who are supposed experts don't know why use them?

Liz said...

I have a handbag made for me by my daughter, katney.

It's the marketing and promotion that publishers can do to bring a book to the attention of more people that makes it attractive, furtheron. That and the hope that someone else will believe in it!