Monday, February 11, 2013

That time of year again

Annual review time. With my review to begin at 12.30, at about quarter to twelve I thought I'd better check what it was I was supposed to have achieved during this last year.

It took me a while to find a copy of my last review and to realise that two out of the three targets remained uncompleted with one still ongoing. So it wasn't all bad. But ...

I fell at the first fence. Turned out the review I was consulting was the one for the previous year. (It's 2013 this year, Liz.)

Apart that little hiccup all went well. I'm reviewed and new targets are set including raising my profile (as church administrator that is). I suggested a large portrait of me next to our driftwood cross but Andrew and Chris seemed to think dressing me as an air stewardess would be more effective. Or more fun anyway.

When I told Husband about it all he, encouraging as ever, said, 'You don't take your job seriously enough. Your target should be to be a good administrator.'


katney said...

Well, he does have a point. I don't have a formal review. I think that they would be afraid I would leave and someone would have to take over. I think I have done pretty well on my self inflicted goals, though.

Leslie: said...

Trust men to be either too serious or not serious enough! lol Glad they didn't consider firing