Saturday, January 05, 2013

A soft touch

Sainsburys were selling notepads at half price. I don't need a new notepad but I am, like the notepad, a soft touch when it comes to stationery. And you can't really have too many notepads, can you?

This one looked so nice but turned out to be slightly disappointing when unveiled. Still, even at full price it was quite cheap so I shouldn't have expected better.

Meanwhile I've worked out why my brand-new and very expensive salt mill isn't working as well as I hoped. The clue is in the picture.

Husband said, 'Well, I didn't notice when I was filling them. And you'd expect them to be the same mill, wouldn't you?'

I realised because I tried to adjust the setting as I was wearing my glasses to read the recipe for tonight's dinner. I decided I'd try something new: low-fat lamb and squash curry. Does it ever happen to you? You start preparing a meal full of enthusiasm and by the time it's in the oven you've gone off the idea altogether?  To be fair, I think it's probably the low-fat tag that is making me doubt this one. I shall report back later.

On the plus side, I did find a grill pan down behind a sofa cushion.


mrsnesbitt said...

As a child WH Smith was my favourite shop, I too loved stationery. A main reason why I became a teacher. Would have sounded strange at the interview "Why do you want to be a teacher?" I like stationery? lol!

sally in norfolk said...

Love the sound of your recipe... let us know how it turns out ??

wishing you a fit and healthy 2013 x x

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How did you manage to put it there in the first place, I mean a grill pan is not a small item LOL

You and your husband make me laugh, .. No salt and pepper grinders are totally different , :-)

nick said...

Just one question - why exactly does one need a salt mill in the first place? Is bog-standard supermarket salt just not the real deal?

katney said...

I grew up in the stationery business. My job at inventory time was counting greeting cards, postcards, and paper clips.

Liz said...

AS good a reason as any, mrsn!

It was nicer than it looked, sally, as I overcooked it a bit.

It was Elder Son's Christmas present, anne, so I think - no, I don't know how it got there!

Good heavens no, nick. Not good enough for us food snobs! I mainly wanted a pepper mill but I do like big granules of salt on some things.

Bliss, katney!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ahahahahahah!!!! No, they are NOT the same mill, not if yours are the same as the ones here in England. Pepper mills come with metal grinders and the sea salt ones are nylon. Who knows why ... but clearly it's important!

I love stationery too. Notebooks! MMMMMmmmmmm!!!

CherryPie said...

You have a sofa in the Kitchen??

Liz said...

Yes, jay, in Wales we have the same mills as in England I believe!

No, cherrypie, a grill pan in the lounge!