Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm making a list ...

and checking it twice. Waaaahhhh!!!!!!! Number of hours needed to complete all items on list is far greater than number of hours in day. My granny's words come back to me: don't panic, think of the Chinese.

Why should I think of the Chinese? Are they particularly good at not panicking? Do they have much to panic about? I neither know nor care. I don't have time to think of the Chinese. I'll blog instead.

GrandDaughter didn't find her birthday gifts of clothes very exciting - I'd have been delighted if someone had bought me knickers with purple fairies on them - and as I've bought her more clothes for Christmas I thought I'd better find some toys to go with them. A full frontal attack on Toys-R-Us was called for. I figured if I got there early I'd miss the crowds so at 10.15 (early for me) on Sunday morning I was pulling into their car park. 
'It's worked, I'm here before the crowds,' I told myself as a comparatively empty car park greeted me. I got out of the car and walked to the automatic doors and waited. And waited. I'm always suspicious when doors don't open: is there a button I'm supposed to be pressing? Are there people in the control room watching me on their monitors and laughing? (I'm not at all paranoid.) I moved around a bit in case i hadn't set off a sensor then I noticed the opening times.

It didn't open until 11.

I ask you, what sort of toy shop doesn't open until 11 on a Sunday before Christmas? Toys-R-Us for one, that's what sort.

And Smyths for another, as I discovered when I drove to the out-of-town shopping estate.

It was 10.33 now. I had two people to visit but knowing them I guessed they wouldn't appreciate me turning up on their door so early. Instead I drove to the posh garden cum gift centre and spent half an hour oohing and aahing over the pretty things - and gasping at the prices. 

When I got back to the toy shop they were queueing at the door.

But I was, for once, decisive, grabbed some toys, and paid at the customer-less till. So, eventually, it was a successful trip.

Unlike my search for celeriac yesterday.

Is there a world shortage of celeriac? Or is it just Swansea? I'd decided to make celeriac and bacon soup for Zac's carol service tonight but as of right now I don't have any celeriac. How does leek, potato and bacon soup sound? 

I'll be rushing from the prison to get to the carol service tonight. The prison carol service happens on two nights to allow more guests and inmates to attend, so my boys have to do their thing again tonight. They were good last night. Very good. A few mistakes but it didn't matter and they sorted themselves out and the congregation appreciated them, gave them a good round of applause.
My only concern is that tonight they'll be cocky following last night's success and be even less manageable. 

Waiting for it to start last night, D, who was sitting behind me, prodded me on the shoulder and said, 'Do I have to go up there on my own?'
'I can't f*****g do that.'
'Yes, you can.'
'I can't. I'll have a panic attack.'
'No, you won't.' I looked at the others. 'He won't, will he?'
'Nah, and' to D, 'you can't f*****g swear in church. Oh, sorry, miss.'

It's no wonder I have grey highlights.


nick said...

Nobody's ever given me knickers with purple fairies on them. I feel seriously deprived and hurt.

mrsnesbitt said...

remember the year I found my christmas presents on top of the wardrobe - dropped into the conversation I could do with some new vests .....mum knew straight away! lol!

Leslie: said...

I'd love those knickers! Noah doesn't like clothes for gifts now either, but he's getting an official Welsh rugby shirt from me. He also doesn't like to read (horrors!) but he's getting a non-fiction book about African animals with pictures that MOVE! So hopefully, he'll appreciate it. Plus he's getting Madagascar 3 which I know he'll love. All I ever wanted was clothes! Maybe Elin will change when she gets a bit older and "into" fashion. Hope the concert goes well without any more f***s...lol

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well Liz if you go shopping in Sainsburys on a sunday, I think it is that you can go in and put what you like in your basket at 10.30 am BUT you are not allowed through the tills until 11am... so it is not just them ,,LOL

Well If I had bought my grandaughter clothes , for birthday and she was not chuffed, I would not buy her toys as well as clothes for christmas, sorry , Liz ,,

Furtheron said...

Kids only want the shiny things etc.

Hope you have a terrific Christmas and I'm sure all will be fine as it should be

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