Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why would you wash a dress inside out?

I've been having an apathetic sort of afternoon. I know why it is: I'm speaking in prison tomorrow and that always creates a tension in me.

I've planned my talk and it's split into 3 sections. I'm fine on the first, almost there on the second but struggling with the third. You see, the first two are more narrative and follow on logically. One sentence kick-starts another in my memory. But the third bit, although it's logical and does sort of follow, doesn't have the flow of the other bits. Ah well, I'll just have to refer to my notes if I get stuck.

But it means I haven't been able to apply myself to anything this afternoon. (Listen to me! As if I normally spend my Saturday afternoons productively!)

What I have done this afternoon is:
watch two episodes of Come Dine With Me - and hear in my head my grandmother tutting her disapproval for watching television in the day;
discover I have more odd shoes than matching pairs in my wardrobe;
bemoan once again my lack of housewifely skills (why do you wash a dress inside out?);
and wonder if I can use upholstery cleaner on my handbag.


Trubes said...

Oh Dear Liz....Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I have now read your book. it was waiting for the sequell !

Ole Phat Stu said...

Even I, a mere bloke, can answer that!

Think about it, you are sweating from your body sweats. So the sweat goes to the inside of your clothes so by washing inside out it cleans the inside better.

In the washer the garments rub against each other. Turning inside out preserves the colour and finish of the garments. Knitted wear does not then form piling on the outside.

Wash your jeans in COLD water and hang to dry. When just the waistband remains damp, toss in the dryer on medium heat for about 10 minutes to soften the fabric. Drying in the dryer straight from the washer will shrink jeans :-(

Turn socks inside out before them tossing into the wash and eliminate the lint build-up.

Wash screen printed or embroidered clothing inside out to protect the finish.

Close all zippers so they do not snag clothing during the wash.

Never use chlorine bleach in the wash as it breaks down the fabric and the items soon tear or rip.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Had you really been paying attention to your Granny's voice she would have told you to wash everything inside out , especially anything made out of candlewick .
Not that your dress is ... is it ? ... but it's leaves things less flattened .
Even the best machines are a bit like taking your clothes down to the river and bashing them with stones .

nick said...

Goodness, Ole Phat Stu is a mine of useful information! I'd never thought of the sweat aspect. Or preventing pilling. Now I know!

Liz said...

Thank you, Di!

Good heavens, stu. Have you thought of writing a newspaper column?

Really, sonata? You see I haven't been taught these things.

Isn't he just, nick?