Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The archbishop, a potty and me

We flew home from Italy on Sunday. The original plan was to drive straight back to Swansea and then travel up to Derby for Pop's funeral the next day but on the plane Daughter-in-law suggested that we spend the night with them in Surrey. Don't know why we didn't think of it before. Husband was able to get more use out of his new suit but I had to rush into Egham High Street on Monday morning to find myself a frock to wear. I looked in the charity shops - up-market charity shops in Surrey, don't you know - but didn't find anything suitable but fortunately there was a grey hounds-tooth dress in the one clothes shop there. 

We made it up to Derby just in time. The first of Pop's grandchildren had written and read a lovely tribute to him then I prayed. It was very strange praying at the funeral of a man who had for all his life been so vehemently anti-God, especially as I'd forgotten I was supposed to be doing it and had to come up with something on the morning. You can read my effort here.

There were some lovely floral tributes including these two rather unusual ones: Pop loved whisky and crosswords.
And Husband's teddy joined us for the journey home. He'd been found when Sisters-in-law had been emptying the house.
They asked if there was anything else we'd like from what remained and I couldn't resist saying, 'I'd quite like the duck actually.'
You may remember Billy Bass who was popular a few years ago. He was a pretend mounted duck who sang when you switched him on - or maybe when you walked by. The duck is similar; he's definitely activated by motion. I think it's a good reminder of Pop who, as I wrote in a previous post, was a jolly old soul, and it will entertain the grandchildren I'm sure. I'll try and film him later because I just know you'll want to see him!

Oh, and the title of this post? The Archbishop of Canterbury was on the same flight as us - economy class - and he looked up from his seat as I looked at him - and I realised I was carrying a potty.


Ole Phat Stu said...

"Oh look, that lady's potty" - which he was not allowed to say in his position ;-)

Liz said...

But he probably thought it.