Saturday, September 08, 2012

Because Sooty and Sweep need a holiday too

We're meeting Daughter, Elder Son and their families in Gatwick tomorrow, ready to fly out to Italy for a week in a villa before the wedding. It'll be a lot of travelling what with the plane and the drive at the other end so I thought, as a good granny, I should have some surprises in my bag to keep the little ones entertained. And maybe the big ones too. In the toy shop everything was too big and too expensive so it was then that I had my brilliant idea.

I toured the charity shops for their 50p and under bargains and have wrapped them up to create a Granny Bag. They're only wind-up walkers, cars, cuddly things and the like but dipping in, choosing and unwrapping will, I hope, amuse the children for a while.
Sooty and Sweep (hand-puppets, a bargain at 50p each - Sweep even squeaks) were a little large for my bag so they're coming in the suitcase.
And now I have to start the serious business of beautifying myself - bleaching, shaving, fake tanning etc. The things we girls have to do ...

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katney said...

You are an awesomely creative Granny and you will be a beautiful MOG.