Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Not an average Hen Do

Fiancée's bridesmaids are Italian, Norwegian, French and Turkish and are scattered all over the place so it was a select Hen Do that we had on Sunday. Daughter-in-law should have been coming from Surrey but Elder Son's work commitments meant they couldn't make it so in the end it was Daughter and me helping Fiancée to prepare for her wedding. 

We gathered in Devon and the afternoon began with lunch at Jack in the Green - and lunch ended with bitter chocolate torte and raspberry sorbet for the girls and lemon meringue for me.

 Fiancée and I had roast beef for the main course - we decided we'd go for pudding instead of starters! -while Daughter had salt and pepper tofu with oriental coleslaw - the smallest main course I think I have ever seen! (Although she said it tasted yummy.)
Then it was back home for an afternoon crafting.

 The finished product.

What's missing, of course, is a photo of me sewing: it's not something you'll often see! But I did my bit! The material we used has shells, seaweed and starfish on it to fit in with the marine theme of the wedding.

While sewing we enjoyed afternoon cakes, made by Daughter, with some help from Granddaughter - or at least help licking the bowl clean. Including a toast of elderflower presse and some lovely words from Daughter.
Then we rounded off the day with the dvd of We Bought a Zoo, very apt as Fiancée works in Paignton Zoo.

So not your average Hen Do but very enjoyable - at least I enjoyed it and I think Fiancée did too.


Leslie: said...

Small groups are often more fun than larger ones. I'm sure this meant the world to Fiancee!

Liz said...

We all enjoyed ourselves I think, leslie.

Gledwood said...

That cake looks most unpleasant, Liz. I bet it was sheer torture getting it down ya neck!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

You remind me of my grandmother LOL .. she always had to be sitting down between us for photos :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Actually , My friend and I went to a Hen Party at Cotswold Wildlife Park last year .. Very different to anything we had been too :-)