Thursday, August 09, 2012

In response to requests for George stories

There's very rarely anybody in the woods so it was just bad luck that a family with 4 children appeared just as George was chasing a squirrel.

Now you and I know George isn't going to tear the squirrel apart but the family don't and they give me dirty looks. I am beginning to worry as George is closer than I have ever seen him to a squirrel, literally inches, when suddenly ... he stops ...
turns around and wanders back to me, whistling a happy little tune. (A trick I taught him from The King and I.)

* * * * * * * * * *
In Devon on Sunday Husband had foolishly left the bag of George's food in an accessible place. In the blink of an eye two days' food was gone. 'Well, that's it,' we said, 'no food for you tomorrow.'

Husband weakened when we returned home late Monday evening and gave him a little bowlful. It obviously wasn't enough as George got his revenge the following morning waking Husband up at the crack of dawn. Thinking he desperately needed to go out Husband dragged himself from bed and went down only to find it wasn't a wee George wanted but breakfast.

Husband told him in no uncertain terms to go back to bed.


jams o donnell said...

Ha and George obeyed?

Rose said...

George is even more clever than I realized--I didn't know he could whistle!

Sophie isn't too bad about waiting for her breakfast, but the cat is another story--Toby will sit on my head in bed and chew on my hair until I get up and fill his dish:)

Leslie: said...

I can hardly wait to meet George! Oh, and see you again, too, that is. lol

Liz said...

It was said very forcefully, jams!

Normally george is fine waiting but must have been really hungry, rose!

Leslie, george says 'woof!'