Monday, July 02, 2012

You rotten schwine!

In Zac's last Tuesday I sat on the back row. I don't usually sit there and Rachel who I plumped down next to got up and went and sat on another table. Then Kay on my right moved further away from me. Honestly, I don't think I smelled.

But the trouble started when Martin came and sat next to me. Martin is very knowledgeable and through the study kept muttering comments to me until, at one point, I flicked through my bible engrossed in my search until I found the reference I was looking for and passed it across to him, whispering, 'Have a look at that.'
'That there,' I said pointing.

Which is when Sean said, 'What do you think about that, Liz?'
I looked up, horrified: the naughty girl caught out talking in the back row. Then I realised everyone was laughing. In the words of Bluebottle, 'You rotten schwine, you deaded me!'

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