Thursday, July 26, 2012

The shark wot I caught

It was a glorious morning as we left the marina, just perfect for a day's fishing.
You like the stance? You can tell I'm a natural at this.

And it worked! I caught a 'shark'. Okay, dogfish. And not even one big enough to  keep but look: I'm holding it! Even more amazing was the fact that I put a worm - a LIVE worm - on a hook. Yes, I had to wrap it in a bit of newspaper to pick it up and didn't actually look as I was doing the deed but I did it.  But we don't have a photo of that. 

I was, in fact, the first person today to catch a fish, this mackerel. (When I say 'catch' I mean it was on 'my'  borrowed rod that had been baited and cast and pulled in by Ray. I just happened to be standing next to it ...) And it was almost the last fish as well. Everyone on the boat, all experienced and regular fishermen, agreed it was the worst fishing day they could remember. I think in total about 10 mackerel were caught. A lot of dogfish were landed but they were all thrown back.
The sight of my mackerel on the hook made me think of Nemo and all those mummy and daddy fish frantically searching for their children so I was glad we didn't catch many. It was just a beautiful day to be out on the water.

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