Monday, July 02, 2012

Money, money

I was thinking about that £2.3 million awarded to Penllergare Trust - and wondering what they're doing with it. No doubt these things take time but I can't help thinking £2.3m is an awful lot of money. they must have put forward a very good application. I know from the experience of the youth cafe we run how difficult it is to get funding (although we haven't yet applied to the Lottery after protests from several members of Linden - me included).

And while I am in favour of beautiful well-cared-for green spaces for the public to use there's still a bit of me that thinks, 'What a lot of good for the community Zac's Place could do with that money.' Or the cafe. Or Breakout (an organisation working with those on the edge, using outdoor pursuits). And they're just the things I'm associated with. And even shared between all three of them it would go a long way. 

I'm glad I'm not on a funding committee; I'd never be able to choose between worthwhile causes let alone the rest.

I mean, things like helping to save for the country paintings that cost millions of pounds. Really? Wouldn't a copy be just as good? 

Ignore me, I'm just a philistine.

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