Sunday, July 01, 2012


It's the second time we've used a guided walk book and the second time the map has been rubbish. And I don't think it's just down to our inability to follow a map. But we got where we wanted to nevertheless; it's just frustrating when the path that really should be there isn't - or is when it shouldn't be.

Anyway this afternoon we took George to Penllergare valley woods. We first visited a long time ago when a friend introduced us to the place. Since then it's been taken over by the Penllergare Trust who last year were awarded £2.3 million from the Lottery.

Penllergare estate was developed by John Dillwyn Llewelyn who inherited it from his grandmother. A man of independent means, as well as a philanthropist, he was a noted amateur scientist and botanist, and he introduced shrubs, trees and plants from all over the world into the gardens.  He's possibly best remembered now for his pioneering photographic work with Henry Fox Talbot.

He and his family lived on the estate but the house is long gone. The grounds have been neglected for many years but since the formation in 2000 of the Trust work has been done to restore it to some of its former glory.

The waterfall is fed by the upper lake, below. Yes that is a lake but so silted up it now has not only reeds but trees growing in the middle of it.
The lower lake.

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