Monday, July 02, 2012

75 days to go

Apart from speaking in the Kidwell-e Festival at the end of July my 'book' diary is empty. August is a quiet holiday month  so I'll start again in September, contacting women's groups and church groups to see if anyone wants a speaker. I come very cheap: a cup of tea and a biccie and I'm yours. In fact a glass water will do.

So that leaves me free to concentrate on the very important writing commission I have: prayers for the wedding of Younger Son and Fiancée in Italy in September. My Italian's not quite up to it yet; I could ask the happy couple, 'Vourebe mangare domani?' (would you like to eat tomorrow? in phonics) but I'm not sure the priest would think much of that as a prayer so they'll have to be in English.

I am so pleased that they've asked and I want to write something special for them. I've got a few themes in mind, I just have to put them into words that make sense. In English for starters.

(I was going to write the title of my post in Italian but we've only got as far as 60 - and I can't remember that.)


Furtheron said...

Brilliant!! Good luck

Neil said...

Setanta cinque....I think.

nick said...

Mancano settantacinque giorni (literally, they are lacking 75 days)