Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More than David Nobbs

The librarian was delighted to tell me that more people had come to my book launch than attended the talk given by David Nobbs (professional writer and creator of Reggie Perrin). So I needn't have worried. A few people who'd said they'd come forgot but others I hadn't expected turned up so that was really lovely.
And it all went well. I talked a little about the writing and publishing and then read some extracts. I possibly read for a bit too long but everyone laughed in the right places and we sold a good number of copies. We being my accountant, aka Husband, and I.

To give your a flavour here I am reading about Alison's experience in the lingerie shop. 


Leslie: said...

SO GREAT!!! You did well, if I didn't know any better! lol You should be proud of your accomplishment.

Liz said...

Thanks, Leslie. (we must get in touch about when you're coming to visit!)

Dragonstar said...

I'm so glad it went well Liz. Of course they laughed in the right places - how could they not?!!!

Furtheron said...

Have to show Mrs F that bit - that was the funniest bit of the book she said when she read it