Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Did someone say Wimbledon?

You'd hardly know that there'd been a recent Wales rugby tour if you only read my blog. 

The trouble is that the games (in Australia) haven't been live on television, at least not live as it happens. They're done live but 12 hours later and it's incredibly difficult to pass 12 hours without hearing the score. It becomes almost an obsession to not listen to the radio, not look at newspapers and, hardest of all, not go on Facebook.

The fact that Wales lost all three test matches has nothing to do with my lack of blogging about it. (Okay, if they'd beaten Australia on Australian soil, I might just have mentioned it. Once or twice.) As it was, Wales missed the best opportunities they've had in years to beat Australia, apparently it seems, mainly through indiscipline. The second game was lost on the last kick of the 80 minutes and the final game lost in the last 5. 

In all it's been a disappointing summer of rugby tours for the home nations. The best England could do was one draw with South Africa but nevertheless they've moved up the Rugby Nations Top Ten to 4th place while Wales, the current holders of the Six Nations championship title, has moved down to 6th. 

Deprived thus of the opportunity to watch beefy men charging about the pitch I was obliged to sit through the football of the England versus Italy quarter final on Sunday evening. I say obliged; I could have left the room but we'd had an extra-long journey back from visiting Elder Son and family in Surrey so flopping in front of the television was all I wanted to do.

It's been a long time since I watched a football match and most of the ones I have seen involved my sons as players while in junior school - and, frankly, they were more entertaining than Sunday's offering - if only because they involved shouting loudly and incessantly and occasionally stopping passing dogs poo-ing on the pitch. 

I had forgotten just how boring football is. There's none of the action and interaction of rugby: in that even when no-one's close to scoring it can still be exciting. Sunday's game was just yawn-inducing. And this was during the Euro championships so presumably the best players the countries have to offer.

And they weren't even good-looking.

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Furtheron said...

How the hell are we above you? That makes no flipping sense - you were clearly the best of the 6 nations this year