Monday, May 14, 2012

A zippity-do-dah kind of day

Apart from George escaping that is. Until then things were going well.

I decided, because I hadn't instantly changed into my slop-around-the-house wear when I got in from work that I'd take advantage of being neatly-dressed and go to the bookshop in Uplands to ask if they'd sell my books. And they were awfully nice and said yes. For 25%. Which is quite a lot but it should still leave me with a slight profit and getting them sold is what's important.

When I'm ready i.e. I've done my press releases and got some publicity, I can take a supply in to them. Spurred on by this and the sun shining I drove straight from there to Oystermouth library, my second home as a child, where I really want to have my book launch. 

The chief librarian was again awfully nice and very keen and gave me lots of options i.e. wanted me to make decisions about when and what time and stuff like that. Well-prepared as ever I said, 'What do you recommend?'

So we've settled for 7.00 pm on Monday, 18th June. Ta dah! The official launch of my book, This Time Next Year. They have a couple of book groups operating from this library too so they'll promote it to them and do posters etc, and even provide wine and nibbles.

What fun!


Leslie: said...

Best of luck...on that day, I'll be recovering from a colonoscopy! :(

Liz said...

Oh no! Poor you! x

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