Friday, May 18, 2012

My sports injury

Because of George's antics on Monday evening we missed our regular circuit training so we went last night to make up for it. 

Warming up, side-stepping merrily across the hall, I tripped over my own foot and went down CRASH onto the floor. It was so loud I feared I had cracked the concrete. Then came the inevitable:
Oh no, how embarrassing! (ooh, ah) must get up quickly. (oh the pain) must make it look as if it were just a tiny (oooeeerr) tumble (ooohh) 'No, I'm fine.' (Oh, everything hurts) 'Honestly, it was nothing, I'm fine' (I must have broken something) 'No, really, I am' must smile, make it look like (oh, I don't know what hurts most) nothing hurts ... 'no, it was my own stupid fault' ... keep going (oarh) only about 50 minutes to go.

I couldn't maintain the pretence though. When I was unable to hold a weight in my hand I had to admit that, yes, my hand did hurt somewhat but, no, I was sure nothing was broken and I'd be fine.
Jules gave me an ice pack to take home with me and made me promise to go for an x-ray if it was worse in the morning. 

It's much better now though although I still can't pick up a teapot. 

The good thing about it was that everyone else in class had already turned and was facing the other direction when I tripped. There's something to be said for being a slowcoach.

It's Ric's fault anyway. On Tuesday he commented that I'd had a less than usually calamitous week. Of course I disputed the suggestion that I ever have anything other than a non-calamitous week, which, apart from not being strictly true, jinxed me.
Or it was George's fault for disturbing my routine. Anyone else I can blame for my stupidity?


Leslie: said...

Oh gee, hope it's okay by now. I think when things like that happen, it's our pride that hurts the most. I walked straight into a gopher hole a week ago because I was so busy gazing around looking for a good photo! Down I went and put 2 ribs out! Okay now, though, and mostly glad no one saw me!

katney said...

At least you didn't fall down in your closet like my friend did. There are some injuries that are just too difficult to explain. Feel better.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Oh , go and have it x-rayed !
When I fell before Christmas , I wheeled my bike to the side of the road , padlocked it , walked home and unlocked the door .... before admitting that the dizziness and pain might just not be a good sign .
Adrenaline does wonders for broken wrists . Temporarily !

mrsnesbitt said...

Dont you just hate it when you trip and people look - without smiling! It infuriates me!!!! Why can't they smile like I do when I see somebody do the same eh?

Liz said...

The bruise has finally come out! I'm still restricted in what i can do with that hand but it is much better.

that sounds nasty, leslie.

Closet, katney? So many questions.

Fairly certain mine is just bruised, sonata, although a more impressive bruise would be welcome just so i can show my pain to everyone.

Me too, mrs n!