Monday, April 09, 2012

Oops, I've done it again

The people from Kidwell-e Festival asked me for a photo and blurb for their website so I sent them the blurb I've used on my Amazon author page.

I probably should have looked at what the other authors attending had used before I sent it off ...
They include:
Lesley Pearse ... fans across the globe and sales of over 7 million copies;
David Davies, author of the acclaimed series of naval historical fiction and winner of the Samuel Pepys prize;
Andrew Kirby, award-winning author of 5 novels;
Sue Moorcroft won Best Romantic Read 2011 
etc etc

Till it gets to Liz Hinds who proudly boasts that she's a granny of three and able to trace her family tree back to Julius Caesar and including Boudica.

Oh, and I've just noticed that one of the speakers has the same name as the 'hero' in my novel. He's not a quarter as good-looking as my version though.

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