Sunday, March 11, 2012

Imbecile or idiot?

I said to Husband that I was getting a little nervous about my interview on local radio tomorrow. He said, 'You'll be fine. Just relax and talk normally. But don't be like you were on television!'

A few years ago I was on BBC national breakfast television. I'd prepared answers to the questions they said they'd be asking me but then they asked different ones. When I get flustered I talk quickly, can't think of words and get other words tangled - actually I'm like that when I speak normally as I'm so scared of boring people - so, when answering, I made a deliberate attempt to stop and think about what I wanted to say and frame the sentence properly. Hence Husband's words to me afterwards, 'You sounded mentally-challenged.' (The words he actually used are probably non-pc.)

So my choice for tomorrow: do I go for slow-witted imbecile or gibbering idiot? Both come quite easily to me.


jams o donnell said...

I'm sure it will go well Liz!

katney said...

That must be a standard technique. When we visited Siberia we were interviewed at the little Christian radio station where our (then future) daughter-in-law was a volunteer. Our son told us what we would probably be asked. What we were asked was totally different.

You will be fine. Mike needs to be reminded that he is supposed to be supportive.

Leslie: said...

Maybe try for "imbecilic idiot" for a change! Can't say I've had any of that sort of opportunity but my daughter has and she is such a good actress, even being herself! Bah!!! lol

Furtheron said...

You'll be brilliant I'm sure.

Liz said...

Thanks, Jams.

he is supportive really, katney. I just have to put up with him.

Well done to your daughter, leslie. it's very hard!

Thanks, furtheron.