Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Time Next Year

You remember that brilliant idea I mentioned a few posts ago? Well, it involved my book cover and thoughts about publicising. Events took over and it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I got down to doing anything about it. Then after I'd started I was plagued by those nasty little doubts. You know the ones. This is rubbish. That's terrible. What a stupid idea. And so on.

So I abandoned what I was doing and watched television instead. But then when I was in bed I resolved to spend this afternoon putting in some real effort and making progress on the book front. And that's what I did.

I came home from church, had lunch and then, even though the sun was shining and a walk on the beach would have been wonderful, I shut myself in the study and set to it. My thinking was that if I didn't make a start it would be, well, put off again for one reason or another.

On the plus side it involved eating chocolate. By necessity you understand, to create my cover picture. 

My first idea was to use a cupcake and I made a load of those during the week (see earlier post) and was obliged to eat a few before I opted for the chocolate. It's tough being a creative artist.

So that was the first step. The next was to set up a blog called This Time Next Year that is apparently written by the heroine of my novel. Please, if you have nothing better to do, pop over and have a read. See what you think.

I'm getting a little confused as Blogger won't let me do some of the things I want to such as have different profile photos for that blog and this but that's okay. I shall probably be confused as it is anyway just being two people.

All I have to do now is actually publish the ebook ...


katney said...

Liz, I forget which e-mail address it is that I can't communicate with you with, so I will send you some technical blogging advice on both of them.

You can create a pseudo profile, and depending on how much you want to spend time switching back and forth there are ways to keep Liz's signature off Aliss's posts.

Ole Phat Stu said...

I looked. Looked a bit autobiographical, like all first novels.