Monday, February 06, 2012

Sitting and a'rocking

I've been in Devon since last Thursday awaiting the arrival of new GrandBaby. Due last Saturday there's no sign yet, which could be for the best as GrandDaughter insists it's a puppy.

Part of me was hoping it would be born yesterday as it was the 40th anniversary of my mum's death and a birth would have reclaimed the day. But another part of me thought that was a bit bit morbid!

I don't think about my mum even on anniversaries. It was so long ago that she died and I didn't know her very well. Everyone else knew her much better and tells me 'your mum would have ...' this or that. But that's fine. I have my own very precious family and I was too busy thinking about the future to spend any time in the past.

And yesterday morning Daughter took me to the church she's been going to recently. An evangelical church in the village it was quite similar to Linden only much smaller. It's the first time I've been to a church on a Sunday that isn't Linden - no, wait, I visited the church in Richmond that Elder Son was married in but that was church of England with the traditional service - so, naturally I couldn't help but compare. It was the monthly family service with all ages in together and I suppose I'd have to say that Linden does it better but where this church won hands down was on its friendliness. Daughter has only been a few times but loads of people knew her and remembered GrandDaughter's name and they chatted to us both and GrandDaughter was even happy to sit and eat a biscuit with a Father Christmas grandfather when she's normally wary of men. (Linden is very bad at making occasional visitors feel welcome; comments have been made.) So a good experience of what church should be. (With offers of food after baby is born if needed.)

Then it was home to watch the Wales Ireland rugby game, Wales' first game of this year's Six Nations' tournament. I tell you, I am going to have to give up watching Wales: I have no finger-nails left. It was a great game -for a non-partisan supporter- going back and for between the 2 sides with loads of action. All the pundits had Ireland down to win but not me; I had the blind optimism only a Wales supporter has. And we won in the thrilling last minutes. I had to go and have a lie-down.

One bad thing though was the sin-binning of one of the players. Not bad that he was sin-binned (sent off for 10 minutes) but that he was stupid enough to do what he did, which was downright dangerous and was the same thing the Wales captain was red-carded (sent off and banned from playing for the rest of the competition) for in last year's world cup. There needs to be consistency and less stupidity in the game.

Daughter is currently scrubbing the kitchen floor - down on her hands and knees with a scrubbing brush - because she hopes it will bring on labour but as she said, 'You don't really want to scrub the floor when you're pregnant, do you?'


Rose said...

Hope the floor scrubbing does the trick! I had a friend who did jumping jacks to try to bring on labor:)

jams o donnell said...

An a Wales victory and an imminent grandchild. Does it get better than that Liz! I daresay my dad is in mourning... over the former event

Furtheron said...

My wife was leaning out the windows cleaning them one and in the small hours of the next morning we were on the way to the delivery suite - so good luck!

As an impartial viewer the Wales Ireland match was brilliant - so much drama etc. The two tip tackles were unfortunate at the end - the Welsh one should have been red, esp as it was "off the ball" - the Irish one in comparison didn't look bad at all.

Halfpenny to do all the kicks - you need to get that one sorted as it wouldn't have been such a nailbiter then. I'm still trying to figure out how England went to Edinburgh and came back victorious - I mean that just doesn't happen generally... and we hardly gave any penalties away... excuse me was this England I was watching?

Leslie: said...

Hopefully, it was that surge of energy that comes before labour! Anxiously awaiting news along with you and hope all goes well.