Sunday, February 19, 2012

In which Husband learns how to use the washing machine

At some point during my stay in Devon I got a phone call from Husband, 'I've put my clothes in the washing machine; what do I do now?'

The problem was that I'd been away so long I couldn't remember - even when he described the front of the machine to me. I'm normally on automatic pilot when setting it and having got used to Daughter's machine over the last weeks I had no idea.

Still he managed to wash his boxers and socks but I've come home to a lorryload of dirty washing. And he hasn't made the bed once while I've been away. 'I straighten it a bit before I get in at night,' he says.

Are all men the same?

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nick said...

No, not all of them. I know exactly how to use the washing machine, change the bed linen, defrost the bread, grind the coffee beans, make couscous and cook brown rice. Among many other things. In fact I do most of the domestic chores since Jenny has a very demanding full-time job.