Sunday, January 29, 2012

In which Husband and I argue and I am right

It's intolerable, don't you think? How many people must have - or should have - checked this survey before it was sent out to the public? And still it contains a major spelling mistake. That's lost the Conservatives my vote anyway ...
When I was trying to take the photo of the survey Husband came in and said I was holding the camera at the wrong angle. It needs to be at 90 he said. 
'What? That's stupid.'
I wanted to show 2 bits of the survey at the same time: the spelling mistake and the scribble that passes for the logo at the bottom. Husband said, 'You want it to focus on both those so you have to hold it at 90 degrees like this.'

And he held it as shown in the diagram below.
'That's the way I was going to hold it,' I said, 'but that's not at 90 degrees.'
'Yes, it is,' he said, and he held the camera at right angles to the piece of paper, lifted it up above the paper and turned it over. 'See it's at 90 degrees.'
'No, it's not; it's parallel.'
We continued in this vein for some time until he said, 'well I know what I meant,' which was the closest I'm going to get to an 'Okay, I admit you were right, dear.'

I have to tell you about this because it's rare for me to be right on something vaguely technical or mathematical. I'm not renowned for my precision or expertise in these matters. However I do have a fairly good reputation as a cook so perhaps I shouldn't show you these jars.
On the left is harissa paste as it's meant to be; on the right is harissa paste after it's been hidden in the back of the fridge for an indeterminate time.

I used the one on the left for my Moroccan lamb shanks this evening although the one on the right is probably just bubbling over with antibiotic qualities.


katney said...

When we were having a Saturday clean-up once long ago when all six kids lived at home, my eldest son was given the job of cleaning the refrigerator. Possibly thinking that claiming ignorance might get him out of it or get a demo that would get it mostly done without his lifting a finger, he asked how you do that. I said, throw out anything blue and fuzzy and wipe down the shelves.

Thinking how he might turn that to some kind of advantage, he put his sister's plush Papa Smurf doll in the fridge, and threw it out with the other blue and fuzzy stuff.

I think of poor Papa Smurf whenever I clear the fridge. There is always something blue and fuzzy in there.

Furtheron said...

the logo is a tree - they've had it a long time in England - shows that they are the greenest govt ever... HS2, new huge hub airport... etc... :-)

Liz said...

Love the story, katney!

It probably looks better in colour, furtheron, but it really does look as if it's been scribbled out! Is that why they have a tree?!

CherryPie said...

I must be a bit dim because I can't see the spelling mistake...

I do understand the technical part though ;-)

Ole Phat Stu said...

I liked the last few lines in the Tory questionnaire, viz:

How could waste disposal be improved?
Return this to Freepost @ the Tories ;-)

BTW: Word verification ='hedsuck' ;)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your Harissa looks fairly hazedous , too .
The word verification means "eat a thousand" in Spanish !

Rose said...

Husbands just can't say the words, "You're right, dear." I have no idea what harissa paste is, but I do have something that looks very similar in the back of my fridge:)

Ha, my word verification is "baticil"...must be the type of penicillin you're growing.