Sunday, November 06, 2011

Who says there's no God?

How can anyone be certain there is no God? Certainty demands proof surely? No-one can prove there isn't a God any more than I can prove there is.

What I see as evidence for God's existence would be denied by a non-believer but that's why it's called faith. I have faith that there is a God. Sometimes I have doubts; often I question. But I believe. But I'm not sure I'm certain. At least I don't have the sort of assurance that the writer of this lamppost sticker seems to have.
And I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something wrong with the logic too. Is it suggesting you stop worrying about whether there's a God or about what you do? In either case my experience is that my belief in God means I can enjoy life.

Or am I just taking a lamppost sticker too seriously?


jams o donnell said...

I think we can agree to differ on the presence or absence of God. I doubt a sticker would shake your faith any more that it would further confirm my atheism!

nick said...

It would be better if it said "There might be a God or there might not. Whichever you believe, that's fine. Don't lose any sleep over it. Just enjoy your life."

Suburbia said...

No I don't think you are Liz and I really like your explanation of faith :-)

mrsnesbitt said...

I know there is a God - I believe there is God. At the age of 7 I asked Jesus into my heart and he entered. Nobody can take that away from me, or argue - I know he is here. End of discussion - no not a discussion - personal statement!

Leslie: said...

Perhaps the person was worried that if God exists, so then does Hell. If he says God does NOT exist, ergo there's no to hell with everything - go forth and sin! NOT!!!

CalumCarr said...

Thankfully, I'm on your side now, Liz!

Furtheron said...

Possibly taking it too seriously.

However it is an interesting one... the atheists a la Dawkins go on the side of, look at the evidence, or lack of it, that shows to them God as depicted in the major monotheistic religions prevalent in the western world cannot exist.

I've a mate who is a pretty radical atheist and shares this belief. He claims the church needs to provide proof of God to stop the debate. I laugh at this "God exists by faith alone" I intone, just to wind him up.

(Personal declaration - I do not believe in the typical religious view of God as the creator, omnipresent etc. being. I have some belief in interconnectedness etc. between beings in the universe but that is an internal thing never external.)

Ole Phat Stu said...

Re. your 1st paragraph.

The statement "All sheep are green" merely requires one non-green sheep to disprove it. The statement "No sheep are green" requires that you examine ALL the sheep in the set to disprove it. Ask yourself what happens if the set to be examined is infinite.

Now re-read your 1st paragraph.


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Anonymous said...

BTW, Liz, the LAST place in the UK to be converted to christianity was NOT swansea, it was the isle of wight, 'converted' by King Codswalla in 686 AD.
I remember being clipped around the ear by our religion-teacher, because I (innocently!) called the king 'Codswallop' ;-)

Of course he only 'converted' the Isle of Wight by killing off all the pagans :-(

Slightly off topic, but that's my trademark ;-)

Trubes said...

There is a God, in what shape or form, I don't know, but I know he's always around.
In the worst moments in my life I prayed to God to make whatever ill that troubles me to go away, I always feel a sense of comfort,
When I am particularly joyful about a special event, like the birth of a Grandchild, I pray and thank God for that.
I don't often go to Church but I still feel a presence of God in my life.
Whether it's a Muslim, RC, Hindu, Jew....The list is long....

Their God is my God and I respect them for their beliefs in such.