Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Back to slimming class this morning for the first time since Husband's illness. I'd been using that as an excuse but really could have returned to class several weeks ago but lacked courage. As it turned out I'd only put on half a pound but that means I've gone up 5 pounds since my lowest. I can cope and maintain fairly well at this weight so it's probably a realistic place to be. As long as I don't keep putting on the odd pound here and there and let it creep back up.

Returning to class this morning was a good decision: Cherie, our teacher, was in full halloween mode dressed as a vampire and leading us through the Thriller routine. Remember the music video with Michael Jackson? Now imagine it with a cast of slightly overweight middle-aged women lacking co-ordination.

I blame my faulty dance steps on the pumpkin in front of me. It's hard to concentrate with a 5' pumpkin visibly deflating before your eyes.


Furtheron said...

I think deflating pumpkins have a lot to answer for - they probably have had some negative effect on the eurozone crisis as well ;-)

Liz said...

Do you think I should tell someone, furtheron?

Leslie: said...

Good for you that you went back. I'm going to start with my friend going to "Fun & Fitness" even though it seems an oxymoron!

Liz said...

My circuit training is serious and couldn't be called fun but the exercise with the slimming class is fun. I suppose the teacher knows she has unwilling overweight women to motivate!