Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wales forever

We were beaten not by 15 Frenchmen but by 1 half-French man. Unbelievable performance from the boys in red. They dun us proud.


Anonymous said...

Lost to the French?

Crecy - NO
Agincourt - NO
Waterloo - NO

Eden Park, Auckland _ yes :-(

James Higham said...

Désolé, Liz. Mais le sport, le rugby, ne retiendra que ce seul résultat. Mérité ? Immérité ? Ça peut se discuter à l’infini. La France est en finale et franchement, beaucoup n’y croyaient pas.

Furtheron said...

Not often I scream for Wales to score but you were cheated...

Why didn't they go for the drop when they were in the right zone? But not to be, sad it would have been justice if they had done... I can't see the French having a prayer next weekend