Friday, October 07, 2011

My beautiful cauli

I just accidentally ate a whole packet of Cadbury's Fingers.

Who am I trying to fool? There was nothing accidental about it.

Anyway what do you think of this cauli? I bought it because it was so beautiful.
We're having cauliflower (and bacon) cheese for dinner. Healthy? Questionable. Yummy? Definitely. I need stress relief with the Big Game tomorrow. That's my excuse.

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Trubes said...

I love cauli, cheese and bacon...I've just cookes a ham shank in my pressure cooker, so lentil soup will be made for lunch, then you recipe for supper tonight...there, sorted!

Boo hoo, we lost, but in all fairness did not play well enough to win...I blame Tindall, his off field behaviour was most un becoming for a Captain...Hmm I feel a blog com ing on