Saturday, October 08, 2011

Jamie Roberts is my hero

It wasn't until early afternoon that I began to squeak excitedly.

It took me that long to wake up and realise what Wales had done. (I was watching the game at 6 am after all.) Not only did they win but they played brilliantly! The best I can remember them playing. It was fan-dabby-dozy!

Best of all is that Wales beat Brian O'Driscoll. I like Ireland and the Irish; I can't stand Mr O'Driscoll. Or Ronan O'Gara.

England were disappointing but Husband is generous in his support for Wales although I don't know if I can cope with the stress of a semi-final weekend. But one thing's for certain: if Wales win the world cup I'm going to Cardiff for the triumphant victory parade!

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Trubes said...

Yoy're quite right Liz...Wales were brilliant and,as I've already said., I will support Wales. England's performance was abysmal...I don't think Tindall's off pitch behaviour has helped, he's a disgrace to England and to The Queen, what Zara Phillips sees in him , Lord only knows!
I see that the Ref for the Argie KIwi's match, that I'm watching at present, is Welsh. He best be kind to the Kiwi's as I do not like the Argies!