Saturday, October 22, 2011

ABC Wednesday - N (Belatedly)

N is for North Wales. We've had some lovely times in North Wales and we've had some wet ones.

The top of Snowdon covered in mist - although this time we did actually manage to get to the top unlike a previous attempt when it had been too windy for even the little train to go up it.
Prestatyn (press what in? as Husband is prone to say) sea front in June.
Llandudno sea front also in June.


Roger Owen Green said...

looks rather damp, i must say

ROG, ABC wednesday team

Leslie: said...

Gosh I hope Llandudno is nicer in August and September, which is when we plan to go there! I understand it's beautiful in the sunshine. (birthplace of my Nana Jones!) Also I hope the train runs up Snowdon when we come, too, and that I can get a photo of the view from the top! :D

nick said...

Ah, the joys of a British summer! Umbrellas at the ready!

Liz said...

Just a little, roger!

We've had lovely weather in N Wales too, leslie. And when we walked up Snowdon!

Liz said...

We're used to this, aren't we, nick?

Jo Bryant said...

what a way to have a summer