Thursday, September 15, 2011

There is a certain inevitability about my life

If it is possible for something stupid to be done I will do it.

There is a place on the river near the end of our walk where the river widens and it's one of George's favourite swimming places. Strangely for a wood, there are rarely any sticks to be found there so, today, a long time before we reached this point I spotted and picked up a good stick.

There is a tree at the edge of the bank and in a storm one of its large branches broke off and now leans against the tree resting in the river. The point where it rests against the tree is a little above my head height. Standing maybe 2 feet away from this tree I threw the stick I'd carefully carried with me for so long.

It got stuck in the branch.

This is what I mean about inevitability. I sighed; George looked at me and shook his head sadly.

And then there was yesterday.

For once I noticed before it started beeping that my phone was low on power. I rummaged around to find the charger and pulled the wire and ... oops, that wasn't supposed to happen.

And then there was this morning.

Husband is visiting his father but I stayed here to catch up on stuff, which is what I was doing i.e. blogging, when George went outside. Some time later it occurred to me that he'd been out there for quite a while.
'George,' I wandered round the garden, in my nightie, calling.

He was gone. All the gates closed but he'd got out somehow.

It's the first time he's escaped for ages but he managed to get a fair distance before he was spotted. A man in a car pulled up beside me as I wandered along, lead in hand, muttering to myself.
'Have you lost a dog?' he said. 'He's along the road up there.'
'Thank you. I'm going to shoot him.'

I finally found him sticking his nose in a fortunately empty rubbish bin.



Lisa said...

Sigh. Some days are diamonds and some are stones. I hope you changed out of your nightie before looking for George outside the garden! It made me remember our escape-artist Collie and the hours we spend driving the neighborhood looking for him!

nick said...

I've taken stock of your stuck stick. I'm sure George is well used to human incompetence. He knows we're an inferior species and he makes allowances.