Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poo today, gone tomorrow

Since I haven't manage to work out how George escaped this morning I'm watching him when he's in the garden.

So this evening George is sitting on the front step; I'm in the study keeping an occasional eye on him. (Can one have an occasional eye?) It's getting dark and suddenly I notice he's not there. I leap up and peer out of the window.

George is pooing but my sudden movement makes him turn his head and look at me. When he's finished I call him in and as he comes through the door he is muttering, 'Isn't a dog allowed to poo in peace these days?'

'Huh!' I say, 'You know what it will be though: poo today, gone tomorrow.'

I fall about laughing at my own 'joke'. It's a good job I make myself laugh; I don't make anybody else.


nick said...

Can't you tag him? Or is that a bit drastic? And if that's a joke, I'm a banana....

Shawn said...

We all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes:)

Leslie: said...

Oh Liz, you make me laugh all the time! I'm laughing now! :D