Monday, September 26, 2011

Liz's Lovelies

Wales had a convincing win over Namibia this morning. I use the word 'convincing' in the way that commentators use it meaning they whopped them.

I was a little confused when I started watching the game - it was 7.30 am - as all the Namibian players were white. Isn't Namibia in Africa? I had to google it at half time. It is but just next to South Africa so I suppose there is the same Boer influence. Wales had more black players. (Is black p.c.? I can't remember.)

Anyway almost all the Welsh players managed to get onto the score sheet - except the ones in my Fantasy team. By the way, I should explain that I don't mean these are the players about whom I fantasise (Dan Carter excepted) but players who feature in my team in the Fantasy Rugby League (current position of Liz's Lovelies in the league: 43,854th).


Furtheron said...

you need to brush up on your African history... well to be honest I know virtually nothing but Namibia was a German colony I think lost at end of WWI then at some point South Africa took it over and there was a civil war there over gaining independence from them. Anyway, lots of German and South African descendants live there - hence a lot of white people who play rugby.

Liz said...

So I was pretty close then ...