Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm suffering from post traumatic stress

I'm not really and I'm not belittling the severity of the condition, it's just that when I was walking George after work it occurred to me that it was an apt description for what I was feeling.

Through Husband's first pains, the diagnosis, hospital admission, the will-he won't-he have an operation, the operation and the immediate recovery period I was fine; in fact I wasn't even worried, which maybe I should have been according to the report mentioned in my previous post. But this afternoon it feels as if I've been holding my breath for two weeks and someone has suddenly said, 'You can let it out now,' and it's foul and cumbersome.

I know people have to suffer much worse and for longer periods but, tough, this is my blog so I'm entitled to have a little grumble. Anyway this is all just so I can justify buying more chocolate. Or, oh yes, we'll drive to Verdi's this evening, and eat ice cream sitting on the prom!

I feel better already.

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Furtheron said...

Not surprising... it is often afterwards when it hits you. It will pass in time.