Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zac's parable

Okay, I was tired and a bit down when I wrote about Zac's last night but it was okay. No, really it was.

You see Sean had this brilliant idea that, as we'd been looking at parables, we could write a Zac's parable. Then he went on holiday leaving me to facilitate this. To be fair I thought it was a brilliant idea: we'd written a Zac's psalm and beatitudes so how hard could it be to write a parable?

It turned out to be very hard. Nigh on impossible.

I was well-prepared; I knew what we needed and I'd planned it out. All that was left was to get the crowd to co-operate, fill in the gaps almost. In a nice orderly fashion. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

'So the first thing we need is the meaning, the moral of the parable, something that will be relevant to us at Zac's.'
So the first thing we get is ... a title. And it went downhill from there really.

Much later when the flipchart was covered with words like vicars, monkeys, atheists and Blaenymaes, someone said, 'We're working the wrong way round really. What you should have done is begin with the meaning.'

I ground my teeth silently. 'Yes, yes, if you remember ... no, you don't remember. Never mind. I'll take it home and ... think. Let's have a cup of tea.'

The Gerry decided to mutter about hypocrisy. 'Call yourself a church and you tell us Sean's on holiday when really he's in hospital.'
'Is he?'
'I'm not lying! Why would his mother-in-law lie to me?'

I scowled at the God Squadders, who were all very quiet, assuming they knew but it was supposed to be a secret for some reason but I found out later that not only didn't they know but they didn't think it was true.

If only I'd looked at my mobile before I went to Zac's I'd have read the text from Sean explaining it all: he was having a relaxing time and he's not in hospital.

I've started sighing again.


Leslie: said...

Yes, a meaning, a moral. Something like hope, redemption might work.

katney said...

Would work well,yes, but, well, sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men have no idea want the Holy Spirit has in mind for the evening.

katney said...

that's "what", not "want".

Liz said...

I can't help wishing the Holy Spirit wouldn't keep these things secret though, katney!