Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lunch at Sam's

Because Girlfriend graduated in the morning and Younger Son was watching her ceremony before he had his in the afternoon he suggested that we meet him and take him for lunch. Girlfriend and her family were lunching with a group of Girlfriend's friends and their families, a mix of French, Norwegian and Turkish.

This time last year the in-laws visited and we took them to Morgan's, Swansea's only 5* hotel, for lunch. (Very posh place, terrible food, snooty staff.) We noticed then that the room was filled with proud parents and new graduates. It's obviously the thing that parents do on graduation day.

So we took Younger Son to Sam's. Sam's is where Swansea shoppers go when they can't afford Debenham's cafe prices and, anyway, they want a good roast dinner. Full of lots of old ladies, who seemed to be regulars having their weekly treat, who ooh-ed and aah-ed over Younger Son and his success - he was wearing his gown (but not his hat).

We would have gone somewhere proper for lunch had it not been for the fact that:
a) he had to collect his gown early;
b) there wasn't a lot of time;
c) we hadn't thought about it until he mentioned it on the morning.

But anyway at Sam's we found yummy baguettes, friendly staff and a proper pot of tea - and a little old lady called Doreen who proudly showed me her new photo ID. (She didn't pick me out for special treatment; she was showing everybody.)


katney said...

Sounds liek the best kind of lunch to me.

Rose said...

I'll take good food over snooty service any day. Congratulations to Younger Son and Girlfriend on their accomplishments!

By the way, I'm reading Ken Follett's "Fall of Giants" at the moment, and two of the main characters are from a little mining town near Swansea. I immediately thought of you, Liz!

NitWit1 said...

I will choose good food for the price with reasonable service anytime for any occasion.

Liz said...

Indeed it was, katney.

Thank you, rose. I'll have to look our for that book. You're the second person recently who's said she's reading and enjoying a Ken Follett.

Absolutely, nitwit.