Friday, July 01, 2011

I really should wear my glasses

I blame my poor eyesight.

Being a good weight-watching girl I was studying the labels on the packaging in M&S today. I'd bought Husband and Younger Son some spicy chicken pieces but as they only came in twos I was looking for something else for me when I spotted the pack of two fishcakes. Daughter made us fishcakes yesterday and they were delicious so my mouth was in good shape for more.

I was peering at the writing - which they're making smaller and smaller these days - and was delighted to see that it said 185 calories. With salad that was well within my 400 dinner limit so I popped them in my basket.

It wasn't until I was sitting at the dinner-table after eating them that a thought occurred to me: was that 185 calories per packet - or per fishcake?

I retrieved the wrapping from the bin. Botheration!

Still that was only 370 calories so with salad I probably would have scraped by. If I hadn't had eaten a third of a tub of coleslaw as well ...

I said, 'That's all right; I just won't have my Weightwatchers chocolate bar this evening.'
Younger Son said, 'That still won't make up for it.'
Husband said, 'Well, don't have two chocolate bars then.'

It works for me. But I must start wearing my glasses more.


50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

I agree with you about the size of the writing on packets. Are they making it smaller or is it our age???

Gledwood said...

Have you tried Morrisons' cheese flavoured coleslaw? It's really ice. Iceland's version was so gross it got discontinued but Morrisons' is the best. It's titled "3-cheese coleslaw" and very rich ideed ...