Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ouh Ouh Ouh Ouh Staying Awake

On journeys to Devon, Derby, London or anywhere beyond the end of our road I'm asleep within ten minutes. Which made my drive to Devon yesterday slightly hairy.

Strategies I employed to keep myself awake:
singing loudly;
talking to myself;
opening the window;
flexing all my muscles in turn;
explaining to George the history behind the antipathy between Wales and England.

Younger Son was on the return journey with us and he was rather better than George at keeping me awake although I didn't take him up on his offer of I spy as I felt he would have been at an advantage.

GrandDaughter story of the day:
YS and I walked GrandDaughter to the village shop. She is a very independent young lady and wouldn't hold my hand and when she tripped over, I scooped her up and dusted her down. She then bent over and told the road off for tripping her up. Naughty road!

Makes staying awake worthwhile.

P.S. I think there may be a mouse living in the speaker as it keeps rustling.

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