Monday, June 20, 2011

Lanzarote or Tenby?

We nearly booked a holiday yesterday. It's the story of our lives.

After reading about Lanzarote's undiscovered gems - well, not totally undiscovered obviously - we thought we'd have a look at hotels there. After a great deal of research Husband got it down to three and I was called in to pick one. You know what it's like: each one has its good and bad points. My selection's top top point was the fact that it was practically next to this huge and untouristy beach. (I can't imagine that it will stay unspoiled for long.)

We settled for a week in September. And then the problems started.

First of all our flight dates clashed with two of wales' fixtures in the World Cup. 'Can't we go later?'
'There's rugby on for several weeks after that.'
'Yes, but Wales won't be in it for long ...'

At last I submitted and Husband went to book. Next problem: the site went down. Okay, try again later. He tried again later and found that paying by credit card involved a £31 surcharge. He gave up.

Then he woke up in the night with a sunburned head and thought, 'I don't like the sun so much any more; I don't want to go anywhere too hot. And it's all inclusive so we'll eat too much.'

So he's now looking at holidays for January. And I'm saying, 'I'd quite like a nice quiet week walking, eating and reading in west Wales, round about my birthday time in November.'

Watch this space for the next gripping instalment of 'Holidays 2011'!


CherryPie said...

I should hold out for a holiday around your Birthday time ;-)

ShirleyDavisCrafts said...

I know a really lovely coffee shop in Haverfordwest, Liz...tell the chief baristo you know me and how!

Anonymous said...

"a nice quiet week walking Wales"

I can recommend taking a good camera with a zoom lens and sitting on the hillside at Bwlch........but cover your ears when the RAF come through on the knife-edge at fifty feet (below you!).

As the RN's Buccaneer pilots used to say :
raise the undercarriage then descend to operating altitude ;-)

mrsnesbitt said...

We are thinking about France!!!!

nick said...

A £31 surcharge for using a credit car? Good grief, is that to top up the travel agent's vintage champagne fund? What will they have the cheek to try next?

katney said...

We had a truly lovely time walking and eating and reading in Wales last summer. ;-}

Maybe it was the people we walked and ate with.

(Scotland and England were pretty nice, too.)

Liz said...

I think so too, cherrypie.

It's on my to-do list, shirl!

That is a minor problem with 'relaxing' in west Wales, stu.

We love France, denise.

It is shocking, nick.

Glad you enjoyed, katney!