Thursday, June 23, 2011

A day of firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts. Not only did I get bitten by a toothless duck but Husband got his first speeding ticket in 43 years of driving.

He was caught last Wednesday but the letter arrived yesterday. He has an option: he can pay the £80 and get points on his licence or take a Speed Awareness course. He hasn't had time yet to think about what to do as he's off again today to Derby to pick up Father-in-law to bring him to stay for a few days.

When I saw the letter I was just so relieved it wasn't me who got it. Husband laughed when he opened the letter - after swearing mildly - but I imagine I would have got the full 'driving carefully and sensibly' lecture.

* * * * * * * * *
The phone rang this morning before Husband set off. He answered him and I heard him say, 'Today,' and my heart flipped out of my ear. 'Is Daughter-in-law in labour?' I yelled.

She wasn't. It was Pop checking if it was today Husband was collecting him. But Due Date is next Wednesday so every time the phone rings now I'm on it like an expectant father.


nick said...

I got my first speeding ticket a few years back. I never realised the speed limit is automatically 30 if you're in a built-up area with street lights! I was going at 45 on a dual carriageway with zilch traffic and pedestrian access only at traffic lights. Perfectly safe. Mindless bureaucrats....

I didn't get a Speed Awareness option either or I would have gone for that.

Anna said...

Tee hee! This morning Steve answered the phone and I yelled: "Is she in labour?!" too!! And it was a work call too. oh dear.

Leslie: said...

Anticipation is in the air! Hope all goes well...keep us posted.

Liz said...

The trouble is the courses he's been offered are all on the Welsh borders, Nick, because that's where he got caught. I'm hoping he'll be able to ask for a different venue.

Rob phoned this evening to speak to Neil, Anna, and nearly gave me a heart attack.

Oh I will, Leslie!