Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two men

Some people make my back go prickly very easily. Like the man who spoke in church this morning. He was saying how he'd been unemployed at one point and he'd had to find work in a factory. He worked with 25 young women who teased him because he was the only one there with a university degree 'needless to say'. It was that last bit that got me.

Unnecessary to say because obviously a woman working in a factory wouldn't have a degree?

It reminded me of another time he spoke when he mentioned Neighbours (Australian soap opera for those who don't know) adding, 'Not that I watch it, of course.'

No, of course not because only morons like me watch it.


Fortunately another man also spoke this morning and he told us about his bipolarity and his struggle to understand why God hadn't healed him. Brave and honest.


Rhiannon said...
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Rhiannon said...
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Rhiannon said...

There is another side to it. He was actually being bullied, wasn't he, by these people? So it was quite difficult to express himself about this painful experience
Perhaps he misplaced the phrase and meant that it was needless to say that this was a situation where the "outsider/newcomer" gets bullied?
Also, perhaps he was using the phrase sardonically against himself.
In a University city, I remember making the mistake of assuming that all waitresses/shop staff were undergraduates as i was - and might well have used a phrase like that, sardonically, against my own stupidity. Perhaps he just misjudged the timing/situation of his remark?
Um - not sure that's clear, but I know what I mean!

Liz said...

I see what you mean, Rhiannon, and it's possible - but in this particular case, knowing this man, I have my doubts.