Monday, May 16, 2011

I give blondes a good name

For two weeks I've been trying to back up my computer in work onto a hard disc drive. I used to do it regularly - after I wiped the entire hard disc by accident - but the disc was full and needed sorting out so I'd been putting it off.

So for two weeks I've been yelling at the disc drive - 'you stupid disc drive!' - because it wasn't showing up and just wasn't working properly. In the end I took it home so I could check it on my computer.

I plugged it into my puta this morning and again it didn't show up. I tried a different connecting wire but still had no success. I said to Husband, 'Will you have a look on the internet and see what the best deal is so I can buy a new one?'
He was busy looking at my disc drive.
'Did you hear me?' I said.
'Shouldn't it be plugged in?' he said.
'It is plugged in.'
'Not to the computer, to a power source.'
'No, it doesn't need that.'
'How does it work then?'
'It just ... works.'

Or not if it's not plugged in.

I give blondes a good name.


Trubes said...

Hmmm.. I'm blonde and have been having trouble with my'puter...maybe I should have plugged it in!
Drat! I've just purchased a new one and am almost regretting it, so complicated transferring stuff over.
Hope you and yours are well Liz, your little Grandaughter is really growing up, she's lovely.
Is george being a good boy, I hope so?
I've just returned to blogging again after a year's absence, so look out for more trivia and drivel from Liverpool!


nick said...

You mean it doesn't plug itself in? You mean the plugging in has to be done manually? What kind of rubbish hard drive is that?

MadPriest said...

I tell you another thing that's rubbish - lap tops. You need such a long length of cable if you want to take them outside of your house.