Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to spend a sunny afternoon

I tried to do something I've never done before today: make royal icing for piping. I'll confess straight off that I was using the cheat's method i.e. a packet of royal icing mix that just needed water to be added to it.

But it still didn't start off well.

The first instruction was 'Accurately measure 75 ml cold water.'

I was making half the quantity so needed 37 and a half ml and the smallest mark I had on a measuring jug was 50 ml. And how often does a recipe say 'accurately'? I ended up with too runny a mix and had to keep throwing in more sugar by the dollop until it was stiff enough. So much for accurately.

And now I have blobs of icing all over my clothes, the wall and the clean dishes. Hey ho. I'll show the result later when it's set (I hope) and I've added the finishing touches.


katney said...

You are brave. Royal icing is tricky. I remember doing it for gingerbread houses. But perhaps with a mix--I never had that.

jams o donnell said...

A brave attempt Liz.You can use teaspoons and dessert spoons to measure small amounts