Saturday, May 07, 2011

A fully fledged nag

The cleaner at Linden has resigned because 'Liz nags me too much.'

I feel quite pleased with myself: I have acquired a new skill. Nagging has never been my forte - not counting nagging the children, 'When are you going to have babies? Isn't it about time you had a baby? You don't want to leave having babies too late, you know.'

In my defence let me say that when Younger Son went into the toilet in Linden he exclaimed, 'This is filthy; it looks as if it hasn't been cleaned for ages.' And Younger Son:
a) has lived in student accommodation;
b) is used to my standards, which wouldn't pass most people's scrutiny.

I shall have to practise my new-found talent. 'Husband, when are you going to ...'


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, you'll have to give me lessons!

nick said...

Whne men go on about something it's called "keeping on top of things". When women do it, it's called nagging.

katney said...

Since hubby has been sick I have been doing most of the driving. I have discovered that he is a terrible backseat driver.

I don't do that, do I?