Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Bank Holidays are a nuisance

I was determined to have a good eating day today but Girlfriend brought chocolates back from Italy for us - and I ate so many I felt sick. I blame the royal wedding for putting me in a jolly mood.

Kate looks as if she were born to be a princess, so calm and assured. I'm sorry though that the Queen isn't staying for tonight's party; I was really hoping Kate would have an embarrassing uncle who would drag HM on the dancefloor for Hey Macarena.

Speaking of the party, I found out today that a girl who used to come to Linden before she left for the bright lights to seek her fortune as a singer, is singing there tonight. Kate Westall is in Ellie Goulding's backing group - and she sang at the wedding I went to a couple of weeks ago. It's almost as good as being there myself! (And she has a wonderful voice and is a gorgeous sweet Welsh girl.)

I am, however, very confused as to what day it is.

And why are Bank Holidays a nuisance? I usually work on Mondays and Fridays, for 10 hours a week. I get 2 hours off pro rata per bank holiday so over these two long weekends I should be in work for 20 hours but only get 8 hours off meaning I owe work 12 hours.

It's all quite fair but a bit of a pain.


James Higham said...

They were both most impressive and the spectacle was both restrained and yet magnificent. Only the most mealy-mouthed would say nasty things, surely.

nick said...

I wish the commentators wouldn't trot out all these absurd clich├ęs. Like the Royal Family becoming more "accessible". Really? Have you tried ringing up Kate Middleton recently?

Gledwood said...

I used to loathe bank holidays for getting compulsorily laid off, totally against my will, and getting paid a day less the next week.

I didn't know you had a girlfriend who brings you chocolates from Italy. Has the relationship been going for long? Are you ready to make a Civil Partnership? It's something to think of you know in case something should happen to you, who would look after George?

Anyway I'm sure it's back to prison with you next week. Take care. And did you enjoy the church service when Wills and Kate got wed this morning? I have to say it bored the pants off me! I believe in God, but not that Church of England, I'm afraid.

I hope you had a tolerable Eggster. I was on the lookout for Cadburys Mini Eggs the other day and nothing! Completely sold out!!

Oh well here's hoping they stock up bigtime for next year!

katney said...

I did read somewhere that there is an embarrassing uncle. I am not sure where I read this, nor how embarrassing.

nick said...

Kate's pot-bellied uncle Gary (estimated fortune upwards of £300 million), who jokes that he is the Duke of Slough, is allegedly fond of drugs and prostitutes. Allegedly.

Gledwood said...

have you noticed the royals have been very quiet indeed today? probably all hung over. but now the Queen Mother and princess Margaret's out of the picture who's gonna put away the most? my money's on Prince Harry..!

NitWit1 said...

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the party which went well past midnight.

The American press has run and rerun re-analyzed every inch of the filming, I feel I have it all memorized.

Not that my opinion matters, the Queen has somewhat redeemed herself in my eyes and was beautiful in her yellow outfit. For 85 she is quite chipper walking without help up and down those long steps-beautiful complexion for her age, I was amazed.

But I hope the couple get a honeymoon and some rest.