Saturday, April 09, 2011

Time for a wash

Last week, after dithering for some time about whether we'd get our money's worth, we finally joined the National Trust. And the first place we visited for FREE was Killerton House.

We frequently dog walk in the extensive grounds and woods of Killerton when we're in Devon but we'd never been in the house. First of all though a very old tree that like a lot of aged characters needs a bit of support.
The house was built in 1778 by the local MP and given to the National Trust during the second world war if I remember correctly. We had GrandDaughter in the pushchair with us so she was a bit of a distraction and we couldn't go upstairs but that's the benefit of being a member: we can go and visit as often as we like and see different bits each time.
What we did see I liked very much. It's not an enormous and incredibly grand house - although it's not your average residence! - but it's the sort of house you feel you could live in comfortably.

As long as you had servants to do all the cleaning and the washing. The laundry was quite spectacular. I didn't take a photo of the collection of irons but there were different irons for every sort of laundry including special ones for lace collars and so on.
We thought GrandDaughter needed a scrub.


CherryPie said...

Being a member of the National Trust is well worth it. I get a lot of pleasure out of my membership.

Rose said...

Looks like a lovely place to explore, Liz. But what is ironing??:)

Liz said...

Indeed, Rose. Hence the lack of photo!

Cherrypie, your trips were what made me keen to join.