Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden break

Every year about this time it's the same: I start to think I'm a gardener. I see the adverts in gardening catalogues and think, 'That sounds lovely,' and I order the poor plants who would surely make an escape attempt if they realised where they were going.

This year it was a collection of 5 scented roses, 24 cottage garden plants and 66 geraniums. So far the roses and cottage garden plants have arrived. My few remaining sense cells should have been alerted when I first looked at them and thought, 'These are strange looking roses,' before realising they were upside down.

And as for the cottage garden collection, well, this is how they arrived this morning. No sign of the garden plan promised and very little clue as to what was what. I suppose I could check on the internet but, hey, I'll go by instinct when it comes to planting.
Instead of handing them over without any armour to the mercies of George and the slugs I thought I'd let them grow in pots for a bit. Now, come on, looking at this tray, wouldn't you think I'm a professional gardener? As long as Husband doesn't move it or turn it around I might even still be able to work out what's what.
The roses I planted in a bit of bed I'd cleared. Unfortunately it's in direct line of fire between George and Mortal Enemy Over the Fence, hence the George-scarer.
I haven't mentioned that Husband has had a stinky cold this week and has been quite poorly with it. So poorly he hasn't been able to do anything except play on his laptop, read and watch rugby dvds. (Which every time I go in the room seem to be showing England wopping Wales.) So we haven't gone away either to Devon or Derby - as yet.

Now to find out if it's me or Younger Son walking George. If it's me that means I can put off the ironing for a bit.


katney said...

I do wish you luck with the garden. Currently I have two rose bushes to plant, as I purchased them and brought them home. That was before hubby's week in the hospital, but they still look okay. This reminds me also that it is going to be up to me to mow the lawn as it will be a while before he is going to be up to it. Maybe I shouldn't call it lawn, but rather weedy grasslike area. Nevermind the potting soil and compost I bought to do some containers with.

And all this from the agricultural inspector's daughter who, as a brownie scout, had a bulb that did not sprout when everyone else in the troop's did so nicely. We finally tipped it out of its pot to find that it had sprouted nicely--just upside down and was slowly trying to work its way to the surface.

CherryPie said...

Non ironing clothes pub ironing off for the foreseeable future ;-)

Rose said...

Yes, you are a gardener, Liz--I'm enticed, too, by those advertisements and pictures in magazines this time of year and can't resist buying more and more plants. I think it's funny, though, that they didn't label them for you. Looks like you have some hollyhocks and columbines, maybe some black-eyed Susans (rudbeckias), but it's hard to tell from the photo what the others are. You can't go wrong planting these--if you don't like the way they look, you can always move them later. Just so George doesn't help you with that part:)

Granite Worktops said...

Liz you garden looks beautiful. All the best for working on it. i have been involved in my garden decoration these days and i have bought number of rose bushes in different colors. want my garden to look completely rosy this time.